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September 27-30, 2022
Boston, MA
Booth #1119

(part of Biotech Week)

Stop by our booth #1119

2022 BPI East
September 29th at 2:00pm ET
“Strategies to advance your biologic products to the clinic with a path to commercial launch”
Walk away with a better understanding of:
  • Investment in disruptive technologies to advance the manufacturing paradigm
  • Structured approach to development, transfer, validation, and commercialization
  • Optimization of clinical programs for robust and reliable commercial supply of bulk drug substance and drug product
  • Merging technical depth with next-gen digital and regulatory capabilities for commercial supply
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Stewart McNaull

Resilience, Business Head, Biologics & Vaccines Franchise



Resilience is excited to participate and provide an overview of biologics & vaccines drug substance manufacturing and drug product & fill/finish capabilities at our key North American sites.

Outsourced Pharma Capacity Update
October 4, 2022

You will hear from Stewart McNaull, Business Head, Biologics & Vaccines Franchise, and Nithin Stephen, Director of Commercial Development, Drug Product, on how Resilience can support your development & GMP manufacturing needs.


October 11, 2022

Home to our Development and Manufacturing Center for Biologics, Vaccines, and Gene Therapy, our Alachua site is answering the call to revolutionize how medicines are made, funded, and scaled.

Sign up to hear from site leaders and virtually tour our recently built process and analytical development laboratory and GMP manufacturing facility which includes four additional 2,000L single-use bioreactors.



Stewart McNaull, VP and Business Head of Vaccines and Biologics 

Oliver Vogt, VP and GM Site Head – Alachua site

Suzanne Mace, Head of Process Development – Alachua site

Chuck Hart, Head of Manufacturing – Alachua site

Adam Pinkert, Head of Quality – Alachua site

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OCTOBER 9-12, 2022

Scalable biomanufacturing for cell and gene therapies is crucial to making them accessible to more patients. However, gaps in capacity and technologies are holding these life-saving therapies back from becoming mainstream options. The industry needs bold ideas and better ways to make them quickly, reliably, and at scale. 

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past Events

September 20-22, 2022
Boston, MA
Booth #102


The 7th Annual CARTCR Summit is uniting experts with one common goal of engineering a diseasefree world this September. Across this threeday event over one thousand attendees from over three hundred companies will all be coming together to explore discovery through to commercialization to deliver safe, effective and commercially viable CAR and TCR therapies.


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September 22 at 12pm ET
INDUSTRY EXPERT PANEL: Manufacturing Track:

"Industry-Academic-Biomanufacturing Partnerships —What Does The Future Hold?"

Join Resilience’s cell therapy leaders Eytan Abraham – VP and Business Head of Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, and Nucleic Acid Franchises and Bruce Thompson – VP and Technical Head of Cell Therapy Franchise and a panel of industry experts as they lead a thought-provoking discussion on key industry challenges and how we can solve these bottlenecks to future-proof life-saving therapies.

AUGUST 30, 2022

Webinar: Establishing a Stage-Gate Approach to Biomanufacturing

Speakers: Marta Papini, Tom Ransohoff, Stewart McNaull

BioProcess Webinar Establishing a stage gate approach

The need for advanced technology platforms that offer a clear, end-to-end path to commercial manufacturing is driving biotech companies to outsource critical stages of their biomanufacturing process. 

In this informative webinar, biotech leaders provide thought-provoking examples of applying a stage-gate approach throughout the drug development lifecycle. The information presented will highlight how to perform critical activities leveraging process and analytical development resources from early-stage clinical to commercialization.

Key learning objectives:

  • How to adopt a stage-gate approach to biomanufacturing development that is highly flexible yet ensures that critical activities for each stage are effectively delivered
  • Gain insight into creating a suitable tech transfer process for both early and late-stage programs
  • Deep dive into process and analytical development capabilities that support effective development

JULY 26 - 28, 2022


Washington, D.C. / Virtual

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JULY 26th, 2:45 pm ET

Amanda Ashcraft
Senior Director, Quality Site Head

“The Role of Commercial Manufacturing in Innovation”

JULY 26th, 2:45 pm ET

Bruce Thompson, PhD
Vice President & Technical Lead, Cell Therapy

“When Art Meets Science: Tech Transfer in the Age of New Modalities”

JULY 27th, 1:15 pm ET

David DiGiusto
Sr. Vice President, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

“Cell-Based Therapies: This Time It Really *Is* Different!”

JULY 26 - 28, 2022


Hilton Boston Logan Airport | Boston, MA

Visit our team Booth #23

2nd Annual mRNA Based Therapeutics 2022 2048x519 1

JULY 7 - 8, 2022


Rutgers University Busch Campus Center

Piscataway, New Jersey

BIO Manf Summit logo

July 7TH, 1:20 pm ET

Join Resilience Co-Founder and CEO, to hear how the gap between bio-manufacturing supply and demand is being solved for.

Rahul Singhvi

June 13 - 16, 2022


San Diego, CA

Visit with us at Booth 1011



JUNE 14TH, 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

Eytan Abraham, PhD
Vice President & Business Head of Cell Therapy

Panel: Therapeutic Cell and Gene therapy Modalities – Business and Manufacturing Strategies Impacting the Decision to Develop One Therapy Type vs. Another

See more Info here


JUNE 14TH, 12:45 pm – 1:05 pm

Weston Kightlinger, PhD
Director, Cell-free Protein Synthesis

Presentation: Enabling Next-Generation Biomanufacturing Using Cell-free Technology

More info coming soon

JUNE 15TH, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

John Kerwin, PhD
Technical Head of Gene Therapy

Panel: Current Realities of Make vs. Buy for Advanced Therapies in Manufacturing

See more Info here

JUNE 15TH, 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

Bruce Thompson, PhD
Vice President & Technical Lead, Cell Therapy

Panel: Therapeutic Cell and Gene Therapy Introducing New Technologies to Compress Timelines, Increase Capacity and Reduce Risk

See more Info here

May 16 - 19, 2022

ASGCT 2022

Washington, DC

Visit with us at Booth 160

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May 9 - 12, 2022


Boston, MA

Visit with us at Booth 107

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May 4 - 7, 2022


San Francisco, CA

Visit with us at Booth 107


March 7th-10th


Join us for a presentation on March 9th at 12:30pm, “High-Throughput platforms for Gene Therapy Programs”, Presented by Patrick Starremans, PhD is Director of Analytical Development and Head of Resilience’s Gene-therapy AD-group.

Key topics to be presented on: 

  • Future-proofing your gene therapy
  • Forward-thinking in process development including an introduction to new platforms and technology modules
  • Fit for purpose design
  • High throughput process and analytical development concepts
  • How partnering with Resilience will change the way you consider service providers and industry partners

Anytime during the week, stop by our booth (#19) to learn how we can help you by revolutionizing the way medicines are made.

Rare therapies resilience
Patrick Starremans - Headshot-2

Patrick Starremans, Ph.D.

Resilience, Director of Analytical Development and Head of Resilience’s Gene-therapy AD-group

Patrick Starremans, PhD is Director of Analytical Development and head of Resilience’s Gene-therapy AD-group. Dr. Starremans received his PhD in Medical Sciences and Master’s in Medical Biology from the Radboud University in Nijmegen the Netherlands and an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. Following his move to the US, his career focused on molecular and cell-based assay development for the past 18 years, starting at Harvard Medical School and followed by tenures in pharmacology at Genzyme, Sanofi, Evotec and Mitobridge followed by a switch to Gene Therapy Analytical Development when he joined Voyager Therapeutics as head of Process Analytics and later as head of Analytical Development building out their CMC-Analytical capabilities and infrastructure and helping Voyager file their first successful IND for an internal program.

January 25th-28th

Advanced Therapies Week 2022

Miami Beach Convention Center

Join us for a panel discussion on January 27th at 12:30pm, “Technology, Disruptive Innovation and Partnerships that are revolutionizing How Medicines Are Made“, moderated by our very own David DiGiusto, CTO of Cell and Gene Therapy. Panelists will include an array of industry experts including Resilience team members: Bruce Thompson., VP & Technical Lead, Cell Therapy and John Kerwin, Senior Director & Technical Head, Gene Therapy.

The technology of manufacturing complex medicines like cell and gene therapy hasn’t kept pace with the wave of scientific discoveries fueling them. Because many of these approaches to attacking diseases are so new, the process of making them hasn’t progressed beyond methods only meant for small batch, academic labs. In this panel discussion, we will take a deeper look into what has hindered growth and scalability of these medicines, and how disruptive technology and cross-industry partnerships are driving change in this young and exciting field of medicine.

Key topics:

  • Best practices for successful partnerships between industry, clients, service providers, technology partners, and academia
  • Viral vaccine technology platforms
  • Investment and risk-sharing in development
  • Product life cycle management

Anytime during the week, stop by our booth (#201) to learn how we can help you by revolutionizing the way medicines are made.

Advanced Therapies Week
David Digiusto

David DiGiusto, PH.D

Resilience, Chief Technology Officer, Cell & Gene Therapy

David DiGiusto PhD is formally trained as an immunologist and stem cell biologist with over 20 years of academic and 12 years of industrial experience in translational medicine with a focus on Cell and Genetic therapies. Dr. DiGiusto has made significant contributions to product development and manufacturing for more than a dozen Phase I/II clinical trials. He has led the creation and/or operation of 11 GMP compliant biologics manufacturing facilities including the oversight of process development, manufacturing, quality systems, and regulatory affairs infrastructure. Under his direction, plasmid DNA, CAR T-cells, regulatory T-cells, engineered stem cell grafts, gene modified hematopoietic stem cell and ES derived cell therapy products have been developed, manufactured and used in first in human and early stage clinical investigations. Dr. DiGiusto is the former North American Vice President for ISCT (2016-2018), former member of the NIH recombinant DNA advisory committee (RAC) and an independent biotechnology consultant (>30 years). He received his undergraduate and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Colorado.

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