Resilience Vaccines

Now more than ever, global vaccine innovators need a biomanufacturing partner with the ability to adapt skillfully and the capacity to scale rapidly. Enter Resilience.


The industry’s response to COVID-19 has made it clear that vaccines made right – meaning “safe, efficacious and readily available” – will find a market, whether or not they’re in the headlines.

We’re not looking to introduce incremental change; instead, our modular approach to next-generation vaccine manufacturing is designed to integrate novel biological, analytical or process-related technologies that can leapfrog the industry forward.
As your clinical and/or commercial supply partner in vaccine discovery and development, we will be teaming you with our experts in live viruses, viral vectors, oncolytic viruses and vectors, potency assays, and virus-like particles (VLP) and antigen vaccines. Our capabilities extend to our industry-leading expression systems, which are already proving their mettle in vaccines directed at public health threats.

Forward-Focused Vaccine Manufacturing

At Resilience, we’re immunized against the status quo. Whether your discoveries originate from large pharma or small biotech/academic labs and governments or the research arms of NGOs, your vaccine science deserves a forward-thinking and flexible take on the pressing problems you’re seeking to solve. Let’s see where innovating together can take your work.