Resilience Cell Therapy

Innovators in immunotherapy, stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine will find like-minded champions at Resilience.

Cell Therapy

Thanks to recent regulatory approvals of novel treatments, the global pipeline for cell therapy products is quickly filling with applications for innovations targeting everything from oncology and cardiovascular diseases to autoimmune and neurological diseases. Cell therapy is one of medicine’s great new frontiers, and we’re pioneering how its most productive explorations can benefit your team.

Modular platforms developed by Resilience, for example, are being designed and deployed to reduce your time to product realization. Those same platforms will address critical quality attributes of cell therapy products, giving your team an edge in the attributes that matter most – decreasing vein-to-vein time, driving down COGs, and addressing regulatory concerns around product quality and manufacturing robustness.

As we bring each new cell therapy technology online – from blood cell processing and genetic manipulation to baseline analytical testing and iPSC technology – your team will be positioned to unleash the potential of that innovation. And we’ll be at your side no matter your stage, from early phase clinical to commercial development.

A Powerful Ally in Cell Therapy

You don’t have to fear the future if you define it. Let us help you de-risk your strategy and give your innovation its best destiny.