Resilience Biologics

Our biologics process and analytical development and manufacturing platforms are built for what the industry demands most: efficiency, quality and flexibility.

Resilience Biologics

As recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody treatments continue to provide promising pathways for both existing indications and new ones, Resilience stands at the ready to be your preferred biologics development and manufacturing partner.

Regardless of which of our Biologics teams and facilities across North America take point on your project, our goal is the same: to streamline and accelerate your path to first-in-human studies by more efficiently integrating late discovery activities with early development.

Our biologics biomanufacturing capabilities include:

  • Cell line development platforms based on proven elements and multiplexed workflows
  • Rapid gene-to-IND Process and Analytical Development (PAD) platforms and clinical to commercial manufacturing for fed-batch or continuous production
  • Extensive commercial manufacturing experience and expertise to successfully transfer in clinical stage programs
  • Optimization of clinical programs for robust and reliable commercial manufacturing

Advance with Confidence

Faster time to clinic. Greater flexibility. Improved control. Our team is ready to deliver to your team the benefits that can only come from setting a new pace in biomanufacturing.