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We’re making medicines for the world. We are dedicated to building a team that reflects the diverse communities we serve and an inclusive collaborative environment where all employees are free to reach their full potential.

A diverse and inclusive ecosystem is a healthy ecosystem. We seek and incorporate diverse viewpoints, recognizing that diversity stems from many sources including but not limited to gender, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, culture, education, and professional and life experience. We are committed to continuously seeking ways to diversify our ecosystem as we grow.

Our culture is based on our Phenotypes of EQ + IQ, Resilience + Grit, Velocity, Service Orientation, Builder Mentality, Quality + Rigor and Ownership.

Resilience Phenotypes

The seven simple yet powerful ideas that sync the heartbeat of Resilience.


Resilience + Grit

We couple a passion for impact with the perseverance to see them through.

We’re ardent optimists who run towards challenges and are unafraid of failure.

We’re adept at adaptation and overcoming adversity.

Impossible means it’s just not yet done.


Builder Mentality

We’re creators, inventors, and builders.

We’re instinctively drawn to problems and driven to simplify and solve them.

We see the art of the possible and move dreams to reality.

We’re resourceful and creative, guided by lessons learned.


Quality + Rigor

Details matter. We dive deep into data, discover patterns, and develop insights.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility.

We seek and incorporate diverse viewpoints.

We demand high standards, quality, compliance, and operational excellence.

Reason, built on quantitative and qualitative foundations, guides our decisions.



Speed is a virtue. We don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

We honor doers over talkers.

We embrace ambiguity, uncertainty and discomfort.

We take calculated risks, mitigating them but not diminishing their upside.


Service Orientation

We never lose sight of the patients who are the ultimate beneficiaries.

We put our capabilities at the disposal of internal and external customers.

We help customers anticipate and address problems they might otherwise miss.

We believe the success of our customers is our success.



We seize the initiative, chafe at the status quo, and always look for a better way.

We value those for whom no job is too small, no teammate unworthy of helping.

We speak up and intervene when we see something amiss.

Leaders attribute success to the team and take ownership of gaps.



We fuse intellect with effective communication and collaboration.

We insist on high judgement, trust, self-awareness and development of others. 

We expect a growth mindset characterized by humility and continuous learning.

We may not always agree, but we commit to decisions once made.

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