Resilience Nucleic Acids

Uniting innovative process and analytical development with molecular design and discovery to streamline development of next-gen nucleic acid-based therapies.

Nucleic Acids

We’re investing in improving every component – processes, scalability, raw material supplies, COGs and more – that distinguish between “what could be” and “what should be.”

The end result will be an all-modality manufacturing business for non-viral nucleic acid delivery. That means you’ll come to rely on us for:

  • RNA with low immunogenicity and near-optimized structure
  • Productive RNA synthesis yield with an efficient and scalable purification train
  • Lipid nanoparticle (LNP) platform formulations that can accommodate a wide range of RNA sizes

As your team partners with us, you’ll tap into rare expertise in biomanufacturing and the inherent benefits that come with being part of truly groundbreaking initiatives. We are on a path to provide you with access to novel process tools and technologies, full supply chain integration and raw material sourcing, and digital dashboards that deliver real-time cGMP batch transparency.

Uniting Behind a Common Purpose

Your science is purpose-built and fueled by commitment, like our approach to revolutionizing nucleic acid-based therapies. Discover where our goals intersect and let’s realize them together.