When we design a solution to meet a common yet critical need in biomanufacturing, that solution gets a name. And it gets backed by the best of everything Resilience has to offer.

Sprout Solutions™

Available exclusively from Resilience, Sprout Solutions™ helps nurture your manufacturing program from a small sprout all the way to market, giving you a transparent, partnership-minded provider who’s with you every step of the way. 


Essential AAV & LVV

Secure a 200L batch of GMP AAV or LVV vector in under 12 months using our scalable platform. As your program evolves and your scale increases, we’ll work with you to meet patient & commercial demands thanks to the consistency of the bioreactor platform used from one scale to the next. 

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The Auto-T cell therapy manufacturing platform from Resilience offers therapeutic innovators a vetted and accelerated pathway to clinical trials. Auto-T is an end-to-end manufacturing and assay platform for LVV-based autologous CAR-T and TCR-T cell therapies containing all required regulatory support to get your clinical trial started within one year of signing on.
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Idea to Clinic™

Getting you from ideation to clinic in record time demands a simultaneous focus on big data and small details. That’s precisely where Idea to Clinic comes in. It puts our processes and technologies to work at achieving a considerable ambition: to deliver your team a 30% time savings from start to finish. 

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Get the right amount of lentivirus vector (LVV) just the way you need it – fast and easy. Enter SnapLVV— an off-the-shelf process to get your cell therapy ready for first-in-human studies without time-consuming de novo development. You plug, play, and get a single batch of material that gives you everything you need to get through your Phase I studies. 
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