As your team takes aim at the most challenging targets, you’ll want the broadest array of options readily at hand. That’s where partnering with Resilience pays off. By integrating expertise across five core modalities, we help you advance your novel science by applying both proven and emerging technologies and processes in novel ways.

Resilience Biologics

We designed our Biologics platforms to enable antibody discovery companies, early-stage biopharmas and other biologics research teams to rapidly reach first-in-human studies.

Our experienced teams support clinical and commercial programs, leveraging our process transfer expertise and growing capacity for fed-batch programs at any stage of development. And we don’t stop there. To support our technology-focused mission, our team is building capabilities to establish true end-to-end continuous processing and developing new platforms to incorporate increasingly efficient cell line development and additional high-throughput formats.

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Resilience Cell Therapy

By deploying nascent technologies that are just becoming available to the market, the process and analytical development (PAD) labs at Resilience provide our cell therapy partners an opportunity to leverage the industry’s most innovative thinking. Whether your focus is on autologous immunotherapies (CAR-T, TCR, TIL), autologous hematopoietic stem cell therapies or allogeneic regenerative medicines (including iPSC-based products), you’ll find Resilience to be an ideal collaborator to support the production of your candidates.

Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Resilience Gene Therapy

Our gene therapy platforms at Resilience aim to solve critical industry challenges — including productivity, scalability and robustness, along with a simplified supply chain — while we develop for your team a product-specific upstream and downstream process supported by next-generation analytical testing methods. Our PAD and GMP manufacturing services, capacity, and viral vector manufacturing platforms are all designed to deliver on the dynamics that matter most to the success of our collaboration with you: velocity, quality, and end-to-end value chain connectivity and transparency.

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Regardless of their size, nucleic acid therapeutic companies are seeking the same attributes in a development partner: experienced supply chain management and advanced technology platforms that offer a clear, end-to-end path to commercial manufacturing. At Resilience, that’s exactly what we provide. Early-stage clients that lack sufficient resources to develop de novo in-house manufacturing will find our process development capabilities of special value. Those with developed processes can trust Resilience with large-scale manufacturing that delivers high-quality, high-purity products.

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Resilience Vaccines

Resilience was founded in the middle of a global pandemic with a mission to safeguard our health security by ensuring manufacturing can keep pace with scientific innovations that are critical to produce life-saving medicines at scale. So, partnering with you to execute your clinical and commercial vaccine strategy is an important part of our founding mission. Today, our specialties include; expertise in live viruses, viral vectors, oncolytic viruses and vectors, potency assays, virus-like particles (VLP), and antigen vaccines. To be prepared for tomorrow’s pandemics, we strive to help developers like you bring effective vaccines to the world with the highest efficiency. Our vaccine capabilities are structured to serve as a strategic asset to researchers advancing their innovations from every setting.

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Many Methods, One Goal

At Resilience, we’re innovating across all modalities, so that what’s discovered in one part of our business can benefit partners in all the others. Let’s start with a conversation about where your science is today — and where you need to take it tomorrow.
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