Resilience Gene Therapy

The worldwide gene therapy engine is ready to rev up, but biomanufacturing inadequacies and inconsistencies are forcing it to idle. We’re leading to change that.

Gene Therapy

To meet the demand of this rapidly growing industry, we set ambitious goals to provide competent capacity and capabilities, investing in, building, and ultimately deploying best-in-class viral vector manufacturing platforms that incorporate transformational technologies.

In addition to providing our partners with viral vectors (AAV and LVV) and esoteric viruses, we have also built the requisite PAD and GMP services, capacity, and viral vector platforms which enable these life-saving gene therapies to get to the clinic and to commercialization quicker.

Our partners are already taking advantage of our best-in-class viral vector PAD and GMP biomanufacturing network.

Setting a Vector for Success

Our experts are ready to help you take your life-changing therapy to the next level. Let’s get started.