The dawn of the golden age of biotech is here. There are dozens of new modalities being developed, including novel ways of killing cancer cells, gene editing to fix mutations and single doses that can erase lifelong debilitating conditions.

Decades of misalignment and under investment have left the biomanufacturing industry unable to capitalize on its own discoveries – and vulnerable to dynamics that disrupt the delivery of life-saving therapies.

At Resilience, our purpose is to create the processes and platforms that will allow scientists to make their novel therapies quickly, safely and at scale. Collaborating with leaders in academia, biopharma and governments, we’re working to improve the way complex medicines are made, to introduce entirely new definitions of “flexibility” and “adaptive,” and to make it possible for more patients around the world to get the medicines they need.

Defining a Future Together

You’ve read our super-short story. We’d welcome the opportunity to add a little bit to it, and to discuss how we might be able to help you meet your goals while fundamentally changing the industry for the better.