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Advanced Therapies Week 2022

January 25th-28th

Miami Beach Convention Center

Join us for a panel discussion on January 27th at 12:30pm, “Technology, Disruptive Innovation and Partnerships that are revolutionizing How Medicines Are Made“, moderated by our very own David DiGiusto, CTO of Cell and Gene Therapy. Panelists will include an array of industry experts including Resilience team members: Bruce Thompson., VP & Technical Lead, Cell Therapy and John Kerwin, Senior Director & Technical Head, Gene Therapy.

The technology of manufacturing complex medicines like cell and gene therapy hasn’t kept pace with the wave of scientific discoveries fueling them. Because many of these approaches to attacking diseases are so new, the process of making them hasn’t progressed beyond methods only meant for small batch, academic labs. In this panel discussion, we will take a deeper look into what has hindered growth and scalability of these medicines, and how disruptive technology and cross-industry partnerships are driving change in this young and exciting field of medicine.  

Key topics: 

  • -Best practices for successful partnerships between industry, clients, service providers, technology partners, and academia 
  • -Viral vaccine technology platforms  
  • -Investment and risk-sharing in development  
  • -Product life cycle management 

Anytime during the week, stop by our booth (#201) to learn how we can help you by revolutionizing the way medicines are made.

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Biopharmaceutical Specialist, David DiGiusto

David DiGiusto

Resilience, Chief Technology Officer , Cell and Gene therapy

David DiGiusto PhD is formally trained as an immunologist and stem cell biologist with over 20 years of academic and 12 years of industrial experience in translational medicine with a focus on Cell and Genetic therapies. Dr. DiGiusto has made significant contributions to product development and manufacturing for more than a dozen Phase I/II clinical trials. He has led the creation and/or operation of 11 GMP compliant biologics manufacturing facilities including the oversight of process development, manufacturing, quality systems, and regulatory affairs infrastructure. Under his direction, plasmid DNA, CAR T-cells, regulatory T-cells, engineered stem cell grafts, gene modified hematopoietic stem cell and ES derived cell therapy products have been developed, manufactured and used in first in human and early stage clinical investigations. Dr. DiGiusto is the former North American Vice President for ISCT (2016-2018), former member of the NIH recombinant DNA advisory committee (RAC) and an independent biotechnology consultant (>30 years). He received his undergraduate and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Colorado.