The CDMO that's changing the game.

At Resilience, we’re leading the pursuit of novel medicines by revolutionizing how they’re made, funded and scaled.

Sized right for every challenge

You don’t have to be a big company to be treated like one: If you’re part of a small or mid-sized biotech, you’ll welcome our hands-on support with the kind of capacity that can grow as your needs do.

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Resilience is your biomanufacturing innovation partner, leading the pursuit of novel medicines by revolutionizing how they’re made, funded and scaled.

Driving Innovative Biomanufacturing

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The technology of biomanufacturing complex medicines, like cell and gene therapies, hasn’t kept pace with the wave of scientific discoveries fueling them. That’s why Resilience is bringing together brilliant minds in science and engineering with access to the most advanced technologies to build the CDMO pursuing a more resilient tomorrow, today.

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Manufacturing SOLUTIONS Custom-Fit to Your Needs


We were founded with a straightforward yet bold purpose: to broaden access to complex medicines and to protect biopharmaceutical supply chains against disruption. At the heart of our approach is a network of high-tech, end-to-end drug substance and drug product manufacturing solutions that can help ensure the medicines of today and tomorrow can be made quickly, safely, and at scale.

Biologics Manufacturing

Conventional and evolved platforms engineered to help you capitalize on the potential of your recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody (mAb) discoveries

Vaccine Manufacturing Company

Live viruses, viral vectors and other components (including infectivity and potency assays) to enable more efficient, effective vaccine development

Gene Therapy Company
Gene Therapy

Process and analytical development for viral vector productions and next-generation testing methods to take your innovation from starting material to product release

Cell Therapy Manufacturing
Cell Therapy

Modular manufacturing processes designed to leverage the most promising emerging technologies for blood and bone marrow-centered therapies

Nucleic Acid Manufacturing
Nucleic Acids

A powerful mRNA platform, integrated supply chain and solid-state chemistry capabilities to provide a more direct, holistic path forward from first concept



When you engage with Resilience as your CDMO biomanufacturing partner, you get the kind of thinking – backed by the kind of resources necessary – to future-proof the next stages of your discovery.

We do that by delivering three crucial advantages to your team:

Aligned incentives to accelerate development and to provide the investment, know-how and experience you need to optimize opportunities

Access to best-in-class development platforms derived from breakthroughs across five key modalities

A digital-first enterprise committed to delivering on the promise of cloud-based systems, advanced AI, and next-level visibility and data security

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Resilience is North America based, with facilities across the continental US and Canada. Our regulatory expertise spans across global markets and serves our customers in EU, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

Putting Resilience to Work

When your science meets our platforms and expertise, amazing things can happen. Let’s start by discovering more about what’s driving us both.

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