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On-Demand Webinar: High-Throughput Process & Analytical Platforms to Accelerate Gene Therapy Scale-Up

For revolutionary gene therapies to reach their full therapeutic potential, high throughput process development workflows are needed to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of capsids and payloads. In addition, many of the current analytical testing methods are either not able to match the pace of process development, use too much material, or are inherently unsuited to support various unit-operations. As a result, they become a bottleneck to these essential therapies reaching the clinic in a timely manner. 

While we continue to discover the broad applications of the various AAV serotypes, their distinct biological properties require tailored, stage-appropriate analytical methods. These methods must be able to provide higher resolution, while also using less material or providing novel insights to keep pace with the ever-increasing speed of process development activities. 

In this webinar, hear from Patrick Starremans, Ph.D., Director of Analytical Development for the Gene Therapy franchise at Resilience, Nithya Jesuraj, Ph.D., Senior Manager of Commercial Development for the Gene Therapy franchise at Resilience, and Kenneth Warrington, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of Lacerta Therapeutics.  


  • 1. How serotype agnostic analytics for AAV manufacturing will help reduce testing costs 
  • 2. Why current methods to scale-up to larger bioreactors are not sustainable due to cost, transfection efficiency, and physical properties 
  • 3. Why using an advanced platform with a reduced number of plasmids may increase vector titer by 1-2 logs, resulting in a significantly lower cost of goods sold (COGS) 
  • 4. How Resilience & Lacerta are solving the current challenges and innovating to meet patient demand & reduce overall COGS 


  • 0:00-2:18: Introduction 
  • 2:18- 11:55: Resilience Overview, Gene Therapy Network & Capabilities – Nithya Jesuraj 
    12:57-20:55: Resilience’s Modular Platform Approach – Patrick Starremans 
    20:57-24:44: High Throughput Approach to Process Development - Patrick Starremans 
    24:45-31:05: Examples of Advanced Analytics at Resilience - Patrick Starremans 
    33:43-46:49: OneBac AAV Manufacturing Platform – Kenneth Warrington 
    46:57-48:10: Gene Therapy Network and Conclusion 
    48:18-58:55: Live Q&A
This presentation was originally delivered on Cell and Gene Therapy Insights on April 25th, 2023. 
on demand webinar - Larceta-Resilience
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