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Starburst Data Rebel Awards: Data Product of the Year

We are proud to announce that Adam Mendez, Head of Data Engineering and Architecture and the Data Platform Team at Resilience, has won the Starburst Data Rebel Award for Data Product of the Year! The Starburst Data Rebel Awards celebrate industry experts and leaders that embody the spirit of a true “Data Rebel” – those that dare to push the boundaries of what’s possible to shape the future of data. 

Adam was selected as the deserving recipient of the Data Product of the Year award for his unwavering commitment to eliminating inefficiencies within data processing at Resilience through data products. Initially intended for R&D, Starburst’s data products saw significant adoption, prompting its expanded role within the organization.  

It now supports over 30 data products across six domains. This enabled instant reporting across 20+ key applications, resulting in over 200,000 unique dataset accesses and a 20-fold increase in BI tool usage at Resilience in only 4 months, ultimately offering centralized reporting of Quality, ERP, lab, and process monitoring data, providing a powerful internal process allowing us to expedite manufacturing and batch release processes for our clients. The impact showcases Adam’s dedication to empowering analytics users at Resilience and enhancing client experiences, ultimately speeding up the time-to-market for life-saving therapeutics. 

Adam was selected amongst other leading brands, including Volkswagen, DoorDash, and Citi. Learn more about the Starburst Data Rebel Awards and other 2024 winners, here:

Congratulations to Adam for his momentous achievement!