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Building Velocity into Fill/Finish Timelines: Your Guide to Quality and Regulatory Success in the CDMO Space

Manufacturing capabilities need innovation proportional to those in therapeutics discovery. Choosing a CDMO partner with the technologies and expertise that foster collaboration is key to ensuring quality while also finding a faster, more efficient path to bring new therapies to patients.

In the quest to future-proof drug manufacturing programs, biopharmaceutical companies need a supply chain that can withstand disruptive shocks without sacrificing quality. Meanwhile, its capabilities must keep pace with innovations in therapeutic discovery so that new treatments can reach patients as quickly as possible. Those are tall orders for small companies developing advanced therapeutics and striving to build velocity into their fill/finish timelines.

As a solution provider, Resilience offers a network of high-tech, end-to-end manufacturing facilities based in North America that provide less disruption to your supply chain to ensure the treatments of today and tomorrow can be made quickly, safely, and at scale.    


  • ●  Advancing Biomanufacturing Development: The Quest for Speed and Quality
  • ●  The Stage-Gate Model: A Proven Approach to Streamline Biomanufacturing
  • ●  Revised Annex 1 and the Focus on Microbial Control Strategies
  • ●  Successful Development and Manufacturing of Vaccines Containing Aluminum Adjuvants

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