Scale your vaccine Development: LESS SWEAT with path-TO-pad

When your need for larger-scale vaccine production outgrows your cell stacks or flasks, there is a clear and easy path to scale up and maximize your yields.

Whether it is live virus, viral vector, or oncolytic virus, Resilience's Vaccine Path-To-PAD (Process and Analytical Development) program equips you to scale vaccine production for maximized productivity. With deep expertise in vaccines, robust expression platforms, and high-quality Vero and Quail cell lines mobilized by an experienced team, we can help your product realize your innovation's potential to treat the next life-threatening disease.



Find the right process conditions. Compare your adherent processes to our Univercells® /iCELLis® platforms.

Our team of process development experts will conduct platform comparability studies to provide the information needed for you to make data driven decisions on which scale-up platform to use in future manufacturing.

Maximize yields. Compare your cell line productivity to the Resilience Vero and Quail cell line platforms.

Rapid development and robust large-scale production of vaccines call for a well-established, validated, and robust cell line. Resilience's proprietary Vero and Quail cell lines are high-performing expression systems suitable for the production of all viral vaccine types. By comparing your cell line productivity to our Vero or Quail platforms, our technical team will help you maximize yields by selecting the right cell line expression platform.



Pre-clinical: Get your process development initiated efficiently without a huge upfront investment

Our Path-to-PAD program helps you identify the right combination of cell line, bioreactor, and expansion method (suspension vs. adherent), maximizing yield from the very beginning of development. Our team supports you to substantially accelerate your vaccine development by performing standalone technology evaluation studies, while you are still planning your full path for development and manufacturing.


Clinical: Paralleled approach to optimize vaccine productivity without disrupting your ongoing clinical manufacturing

If you need to improve your vaccine productivity without disrupting ongoing clinical manufacturing, we can conduct technology evaluation studies in parallel with your clinical manufacturing. Our teams aim to maximize your vaccine yields, while showing product comparability and providing a robust manufacturing scale-up strategy for a rapid path to manufacturing.


Hands-on vaccine expertise to help expedite the development of a robust and scalable process

Your top-notch vaccine deserves best-in-class potency assays. Resilience’s potency assay expertise addresses many of the historical drawbacks from cell-based assays, such as high variability, to help speed up sample processing time.

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